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Group celebrates passage of anti-sex trafficking law

Thanks Artimus, I probably wont get whole story either... The screams and nightmares are new and I will never get used to them, but I know she is alive and safe, My heart goes to you as well and all others that have ever had to go through anything similar. We have years of emotional repair to work on now.. We have had several resources helping us but it will never leave her mind, I am not sure exactly how to deal with these things but I will do the best of my powers to make sure she leads a somewhat normal life from now on. I wish you the best.

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Group celebrates passage of anti-sex trafficking law

Artimus, I agree to an extent about not knowing what kids are thinking...but when things happen that goes against what they have done character wise throughou their life and something different happens it needs to to be looked at 1st by the parents, then if something more seems wrong the law enforcement needs to be involved. By the way, my daughter was found yhesterday, 1 man is in custody with 2 more being sought...So like I said before, there was something not right when she failed to return home or call, I understand what you are trying to say...but not evryone crys wolf. I thank all that helpede pass out flyers and kept us in their thoughts and prayers...

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Group celebrates passage of anti-sex trafficking law

What would you think if a family member calls to say they are on their way home, then you dont hear from them in 2 or 3 weeks? They miss their graduation ceremonies, dont call any of their friends or any thing.....what would you think? Despite the age of this individual, something just is not right.... We have missing and exploited childrens network on this as well as many other networks. With some help we can get to the bottom of this tragic story. I know my daughter pretyy damn well to know she would at least call if she was able too!!! That is why I believe these agencies and police when they say this is not normal.

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Group celebrates passage of anti-sex trafficking law

What I have been trying to say is people of all ages are abducted for different reasons. They don't always go just for a damn phone or whatever. Human traficking is something alot of us don't know about. I have and am still learning so much about this. It does not always happen to females, males are abducted for various reasons as well. Ya'll will soon start hearing more about this case soon as more information geets out there...there are websites out there now trying to get more out. You can look under...missing cassy schroder on Facebook for starters. There is open case #'s on Missing & exploited children's web page as well. It should'nt matter the age, but if your family memeber does not call home or friends for 3 weeks, there is something not right.... Please at least looka at her Facebook page.

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If you would like to know more about my daughter's case I would be happy to talk to you.. my number is 503-853-9597

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Group celebrates passage of anti-sex trafficking law

There is no Amber Alert Because they issue those only within 24 hrs of abduction. It has only been determined within the last wee k that she has possibly been taken into the world of human/sexual trafficking. She was listed as a runaway at 1st but now after more information it is being persued as a missing person now....Yes there is an open case with Vancouver police dept. as well as Beaverton PD. She missed an appointment with a probation officer due to past troubles. Since she missed her appt. she now has a warrant but that doesnt mean she is not important to be found. She has not called home or any friends since that night of May 22. Now I don't care what age you are, if oyur family or friends have not been contacted in any way something is wrong and needs to be looked into. We have several agencies helping and we are looking into the media but with a pending warrant, which was issuedbecause she didnt make appt. which we believe she was already in someone's control. We are possibly going on aair with Fox but want to be sure we do not incriminate any investigation going on.

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Group celebrates passage of anti-sex trafficking law

Hey there artimus, Let me set the story straight for you....My just turned 17 yr old went to McDonald's on May 22 and has been seen since, since that time, we have been beating the street posting flyers and everything we can to find her, or to at least know she is ok without any luck. We have found out in the last few days that she has been sucked into this sexual exploitation world that you obviously know nothing about,, neither did I un til it happened to my daughter. We live in Clark County and this is an open case w/ VPD as well as Beaverton & many other agencies now. So, Until you know what your talking about, you should think about what you say.. We are now just hoping and praying she is still in the area. We have not had a sighting of her since last week. I hope one day this never happens to any of your family or anyone elses. It is the most helpless feeling in the world... She even missed her graduation and no telling what else will be missed.

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