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Tuesday,  July 16 , 2024

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Best of Clark County 2024
  • Nominations:
    April 1st - 30th
  • Voting:
    June 3rd - 30th
  • Winners Announced:
    September 14th & 16th
Best of Clark County winners PDF

Thank you for participating in this year’s Best of Clark County.

Winners and runners-up will be announced on Saturday, Sept. 14 in The Columbian and again on Monday, Sept. 16 in The Columbian ePaper. In the meantime, check out the 2023 BOCC Winners Section here.

Do you have questions? Please visit our FAQ section for answers. Need to contact us? Send an email to info@columbianpromotions.com.

nominate icon Nominations

Nominations will be accepted for placement on the ballot from Monday, April 1 through Tuesday, April 30. The top 5 nominees in each category will advance to the ballot. Voting begins Monday, June 3.

vote icon Voting

Voting will take place Monday, June 3 through Sunday, June 30.

Winner Announcement

The winners for each category will be announced beginning Saturday, September 14 in The Columbian and Monday, September 16 on Columbian.com and BestofClarkCounty.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two phases to Best of Clark County: nominations and voting. During the nomination phase, the community can nominate any qualified organization that is located in Clark County. This can be either by adding a nomination to one that already appears on the ballot or by writing in your own. The five organizations with the most nominations in each category move on to the voting phase. At that time, no additional names will be added to the ballot. Both phases culminate with the announcement of the winners in The Columbian’s special publication.

Nomination & Voting Process

We require that you register using a verifiable email address to ensure that the process is as fair as possible and to prevent “ballot stuffing.” Registering also allows you to return to your ballot to continue voting or to make changes to the votes you’ve already cast. Your email address will not be distributed or sold to third parties. We will contact you via this email for updates on BOCC. You may unsubscribe at any time.

No. There is only one vote allowed per category per registrant for each phase. You may nominate one business per category during the nomination phase, and you may vote for one business per category during the voting phase.

The top nomination recipients from last year’s BOCC appear on the ballot at the beginning of the nomination phase (except in the case of newly added categories). Users are also allowed to write in their own nominees, which will then appear in the list as soon as they are approved (please allow 1-3 business days for them to appear).

Once the nomination phase is over, the votes are tallied and the 5 businesses with the most nominations move on to the voting ballot.

Yes! During the nomination period, write-in nominations are accepted for businesses/organizations who are located in Clark County. Once a nomination has been approved, it will appear in the list for everyone to see. Once the promotion has moved on to the voting phase, no additional nominations are accepted.

Your votes are recorded as you go. Each time you click the “nominate” or “vote” button, your choice is automatically saved and submitted.

Yes, votes are automatically saved and submitted as you work your way through the ballot. You do not have to vote in every category to participate, and you can stop and start your voting at any time during the nomination and voting date windows (you may be asked to log in again).

Yes. After you select a business or organization, you will see “CHANGE NOMINATION” or “CHANGE VOTE” next to each of the remaining choices. Simply click there to change your selection.

Yes. As long as the BOCC contest is still open, you may return to the ballot at any time to change your vote, using your registration information.

No, only actual votes via the online ballot process will be counted. But we encourage comments so that other voters can see why you think your nominee is the best!

Votes are tallied at the end of each phase. Only votes submitted through the BOCC website are counted. No printed ballots will be accepted. The five businesses/organizations who receive the most nominations are then eligible for the final round of voting. The business/organization receiving the most votes during the voting round is declared the category winner with a runner-up also announced. The Columbian works with its software partner to monitor nominations and votes. If nominations or votes are deemed to be fraudulent and do not follow the guidelines outlined in the BOCC FAQs, those nominations/votes may be disqualified. These include, but are not limited to, votes cast outside the United States or deemed to come from automated sources.

In the nomination phase, a tie will result in both (or more) businesses moving on to the voting ballot. In the voting phase, a tie could result in businesses sharing the “best of” title.

BOCC Categories

Each year, BOCC categories change. To establish which categories are to be used for the current year, the team looks at previous years’ votes and ongoing business trends.

Once the promotion begins, we do not allow changes to the categories unless there is an error. Requests for categories to be considered for future promotions can be sent to info@columbianpromotions.com.

The Columbian reserves the right to remove a business or organization from consideration in a category if it does not offer the services applicable to that category; however, we are not able to move a business from one category to another. Each business must be nominated by a registered voter. We are also not able to alter the ballot results once nominations and voting close should an error in a particular category occur.

Information for Businesses/Organizations

Business/organizations located in Clark County are eligible to participate. The Columbian reserves the right to eliminate any business/organization based on their location, on whether they have fraudulently cast nominations/votes or on them not following the rules and regulations of this promotion. Those businesses/organizations that are in violation of any state/county/city ordinance in place to regulate businesses and organizations in Clark County may also be disqualified.

You MAY NOT trade votes for services or discounts. If you promote a discount or free service in exchange for a vote through any method, The Columbian may, in its sole discretion, disqualify you from participating in BOCC. Promotions in which an element of chance is offered such as being entered into a a sweepstakes or raffle in exchange for nominations/voting are allowed.

No purchase is necessary to be a part of the promotion.

Businesses/organizations with multiple storefronts will be recognized as one entity. For example, if a business has locations in Vancouver, Battle Ground, and Camas, they will be grouped into one business name (except in cases of separate ownership or special request).

The Columbian has developed multiple advertising packages to assist businesses/organizations in promoting their participation in BOCC. These packages include both print and digital options and are available for the nomination process, during voting, and to thank voters for their participation once BOCC closes (click for package information). This includes participation in our BOCC winners’ section (click for more information and rates).

Pre-approved materials are provided by The Columbian for you to use to promote your participation in BOCC in our media kit. Fill out the form on this page. You will be asked to provide your contact information. This information will only be used for internal purposes and will not be shared with third parties. We may use this information to communicate with you during the BOCC process.

Once winners are announced, The Columbian will make available pre-approved logos for use in your own promotion as well as window decals.

You can share the good news with your friends, family, clients, and customers by promoting your BOCC award using pre-approved logos and materials made available by The Columbian. Contact your Columbian sales consultant or send an email to info@columbianpromotions.com. You will be asked to sign a Logo Usage Agreement, indicating that these logos and materials will be used “as is” and cannot be altered without permission from The Columbian.

All official communication about BOCC will come from The Columbian either via phone or email communication. Should you be contacted by a third-party vendor, this vendor is not acting on behalf of The Columbian and is not authorized to do so. The Columbian accepts no responsibility for any business transactions conducted with these vendors, nor can we vouch for the legitimacy of these vendors’ business practices. Should you have any questions about being contacted by a third-party vendor, email us at info@columbianpromotions.com.

The Columbian is offering officially sanctioned plaques to BOCC winners, runners-up and finalists. Click here for more information or check out the information in the "Promotional Opportunities" folder of the media kit.

Media Kit for Business Owners

If you're a business owner, you can request access to our media kit, which includes free social media graphics, logos, and printable posters to help you encourage your fans and customers to nominate and vote for your organization in this year’s Best of Clark County.

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