Thursday, March 23, 2023
March 23, 2023

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Access road gated to Mitchell Peak north trailhead

The Columbian

COUGAR — A gate across state Department of Natural Resources road No. 10 in the Siouxon Forest Block south of Swift Reservoir has closed access to the northern trailhead to Mitchell Peak.

Toni Droscher of the DNR in Olympia said road No. 10, the only access to the trailhead, cuts across private land and the new owner has placed a gate on the road just east of the intersectionwith S-1000 Road.

“DNR does not have a recreation easement for access across this road,” Droscher said. “Land managers are working on a solution.”

The only access to Mitchell Peak trail now is from North Siouxon Creek trailhead in the southern end of the Siouxon Block.The distance from the trailhead to the top of Mitchell Peak is about 13 miles.