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Dec. 5, 2022

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Madore was In-N-Out

By , Columbian Editor
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Lou Brancaccio
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Look, we’ve all had our “moments.”

OK, I’ve never seen Russia from my front porch or claimed to understand all the world’s issues because I regularly ate at the International House of Pancakes.

But I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes.

So when my good buddy David Madore got into the race for the Port of Vancouver commissioner, then got out before you could say “Huh?” it did feel a little Palinesque.

Some of you know that Madore owns US Digital. But even more of you know that he’s the no-tolls guy. And because of his strong no-tolls stance, he’s backed a number of political candidates who share his views.

Madore has sort of parlayed all of this into creating himself as a bit of a kingmaker. A behind-the-scenes kind of guy who could make or break you.

Problem No. 1: If you hope to be a kingmaker, you, ah, need to make a few kings. His track record at backing the winning horses? Not too good.

Problem No. 2: If you are going to step out from behind the scenes to become a king yourself, you had better win. Why? Losing destroys any street cred you might have gained by being the guy who could make or break you. And in this race, up against a popular Brian Wolfe, he likely would have been thumped.

I suspect Madore recognized this and opted out.

And getting out of the race, after being in it for only a few days, creates its own set of problems.

It raises all kinds of questions.

Madore says he got into the race only because he felt voters should have a choice.


He says, that after talking to a couple of port commissioners, he has now determined the port is “in great shape.”


Honestly, I can’t think of many stranger reasons to get into a race than, “Hey, what’s-his-name needs a little competition.”

I mean what would your campaign stump speech be?

“Look, the port is in great shape now, but vote for me, well, just because!”

I’ve spent a little time with Madore and actually like the guy very much. I believe he is thoughtful, sincere and understands how to run a successful business.

But he needs a little work on being politically savvy. Hey, this In-N-Out stuff may work for California burger joints, but not so much for wannabe politicians.

o o o o o

Speaking of politicians, if you haven’t seen our “All Politics is Local” blog, you’re really, really missing something.

Part back-room issues, part humorous, part irreverent, this thing is super-sweet.

Head to our website and check out the one where reporters Stephanie Rice and Andrea Damewood compared local politicians with Muppets characters.


And because all great ideas should be stolen, it got me to thinkin’ which Muppet Madore would be.

Easy choice: Guy Smiley.

Smiley — by his own account — is America’s favorite game show host. He approaches everything he does with excitement and enthusiasm.

Most interestingly, one of his game shows?

“What’s My Part?”

o o o o o

Who loves ya, David? Me! (And Guy Smiley.)

Lou Brancaccio is The Columbian’s editor. Reach him at 360-735-4505 or

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