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News / Clark County News

Occupy Vancouver to hold second rally Oct. 29

By Paris Achen
Published: October 19, 2011, 5:00pm

Seeking to keep up momentum in Vancouver’s Occupy movement, organizers will hold a second rally at noon Saturday, Oct. 29, at Esther Short Park, 301 W. Eighth St.

“We are expecting it to be similar to the first rally,” said organizer Stephanie Rotondo of Vancouver. “The march route will be a little different. People really did enjoy the march Saturday, but we did get some complaints that it was too long for some people.”

Rotondo said volunteers had already offered to lend sound equipment for the event, and organizers also are looking into the possibility of bringing in live music.

Rotondo said organizers voted on Tuesday to hold the second event but withheld the information from reporters until Thursday, after they had posted meeting minutes outlining the decision on their website, www.occupyvancouverusa.org.

About 700 people turned out for the first Occupy Vancouver on Oct. 15 as part of coordinated international protests. The Vancouver turnout was the 20th largest in the nation, according to a New York Times analysis.