Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Jan. 19, 2022

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Letter: Divert traffic to I-205

The Columbian

I read with interest the Nov. 29 front-page Columbian story “Drivers say they’ll avoid tolls.” The poll may not be accurate and the sample from Clark County was small, but if the data hold true, the Columbia River Crossing could be solved and it will cost far less than $3.5 billion. Just put a toll on the existing I-5 bridge and 77 percent of the drivers in Clark County will take the I-205 bridge. This should eliminate the congestion on I-5.

It won’t fix the bridge-opening problem, its ability to withstand an earthquake or old age, but what a money saver. I can hear the evening traffic reports now. I-5 flowing smoothly from the Fremont Bridge all the way into Vancouver. I-205 backed up solid from Sunnyside Road all the way into Vancouver. Talk about a turn of events.

Terry McCann