Thursday, January 27, 2022
Jan. 27, 2022

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Letter: A deferment is not a shameful act

The Columbian

Now the media is making a big to-do about Mitt Romney having draft deferments while he was in college and doing his obligatory ministry with the church. (A June 6 Columbian story reported “Romney’s lack of military record faces new scrutiny.”)

I, too got college deferments, and apologize to no one because of it. These deferments are given out by the government, not out of goodness, but because certain skills are needed to continue in the workforce.

Romney was not a “draft dodger” like the hero of the left, Bill Clinton, who took the cowardly way out and by using deception, manipulation and running off to Oxford to study. He ducked the draft by carefully planning his deception and this did not seem to keep people from voting him to the highest office in the land. Also, our current president did not run down and enthusiastically join up, either.

Let’s be fair.

John R. Kimbrough