Sunday, January 16, 2022
Jan. 16, 2022

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Letter: Oregon-style fireworks ban impractical

The Columbian

Regarding the June 10 Columbian story “City speaks of fireworks crackdown,” I see no need to change the law on how fireworks are used in the city. If Stephanie Turlay’s pictures were “literally blown from her walls,” as reported in the story, I believe it was not from anything sold in the stands here. It was most likely a homemade bomb that is truly illegal, and not even classified as a firework. Some of those using illegal fireworks also get quarter- to half-sticks of dynamite and think it is fun to set them off. If anything was to change, those who do this and are caught should be fined $500 and subjected to community service in litter cleanup and some kind of awareness class.

You will never stop this by changing the law to the way Oregon’s law is; Oregon has the same problems with illegal bombs.

Paul Presler