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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Feb. 22, 2024

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Letter: Proposed cuts will backfire

The Columbian

I am a concerned parent. I am receiving the Working Connections Child Care subsidy from Washington state, which is subsidized child care so I can afford to work and have my children cared for. My children are in a safe environment when not in school or at home and have been for a few years. The newest budget proposal by the state Senate makes major cuts to this program and in effect will put thousands of hard-working Washingtonians into a bind.

I cannot afford to pay for child care on my own. Without WCCC, I will be forced to quit my job to take care of my children, which means I will have to utilize other state programs to supplement my income, I will cease to be a productive member of society and will become an even greater burden to our great state. I do not want this to happen and it is my sincere hope that anyone who reads this will feel compelled to contact their state legislators and ask that they fix this counterproductive budget proposal.

James McBride


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