Saturday, April 4, 2020
April 4, 2020

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Letter: Can’t ignore rise in mass killings

The Columbian

What is going on in this country? Sandy Hook Elementary, Columbine High School, Arapahoe High School, Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting in Arizona, the Navel Ship Yard in Washington, D.C., Clackamas Town Center in Oregon, LAX airport, Cinema 16 in Colorado and many more since 2000. Not counting all of the drive-by shootings that happen on a daily basis.

Well, more than 300 million guns are part of the problem. It is just too easy to get your hands on one.

Ignoring mental health issues is another problem.

The country’s environment of violence of all kinds is part of it.

Poor parenting is part of it.

Until we as a society return to sanity and community human values, this will continue. Background checks are a common-sense good thing, but there is way more to this lethal problem that only society as a whole can fix — and good luck with that.

When I was growing up our fathers had hunting rifles, shotguns for bird hunting and maybe a pistol safely hidden away. Now AR-15s? 9mm hand guns? Ammunition clips holding 30 rounds? Hollow point ammunition? Open carry? What the heck happened that people feel they must own these human killing machines?

Second Amendment rights are being abused. We, as innocent citizens, have rights, too.

Lynn Brown


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