Friday, December 9, 2022
Dec. 9, 2022

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Letter: Tragedy could have been avoided

The Columbian

“Stay in your car” — four simple words that could have saved a life.

It was not George Zimmerman’s job to pursue Trayvon Martin and had he listened to the four simple words of the 911 dispatcher that night, this could all have been avoided. Zimmerman was acquitted because of a Florida law, and good for him, but he unnecessarily killed a young man that night.

People can justify it by saying Trayvon Martin was a criminal and did drugs, but it wasn’t Zimmerman’s job to police that. Our Second Amendment rights are not intended for the general population to be out doing police work.

Martin was a young man that made some dumb decisions but many people do that when young and turn out being impactful contributors to society.

I am convinced, for George, that God doesn’t recognize Florida law.

Korey Kier