Friday, January 15, 2021
Jan. 15, 2021

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Letter: Safer when prepared to defend


Entering a local hospital, I saw the posted “Gun Free Zone” in a circle with a slash over a gun. I immediately felt kicked in the gut. Prominently displayed was this invitation to anyone entering, whatever their motive, to avail themselves of a “soft target.” Helpless persons in their beds, hospital staff and volunteers compelled to repel an attack by cowering or sacrificing their bodies to the attack.

Cast aside the debate of pro and con about firearms’ use and possession. Closely examine details of shootings, as far back as the Luby’s restaurant massacre in Texas years ago, up through Africa, Paris, Norway, and San Bernardino, Calif. Were the shooters obeying the law and respecting the gun-free dictate of the institutions they were attacking?

In a later conversation, I was reminded of a comment from a fellow hunter. Relaxing around the campfire preparing for the next day’s hunt, he said, “Would we be doing this if those deer could shoot back?”

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