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Oregon campus shooting reverberates at Clark College, WSUV

By , Columbian Science, Military & History Reporter
Published: October 1, 2015, 6:41pm

The tragedy at Umpqua Community College was felt Thursday at Clark College and Washington State University Vancouver.

This was part of the statement issued by WSU Vancouver Chancellor Mel Netzhammer:

“My heart goes out to our friends and colleagues at Umpqua Community College. I am deeply saddened by the loss of life at Umpqua. I share their grief as I am sure you do.

“As I was walking across campus this afternoon, I noticed a number of people on their phones, talking to each other or huddled over computers, all sharing their concern for the Umpqua community and taking comfort from each other. It was nice to see and comforting for me personally,” Netzhammer said.

“I will communicate our condolences to the faculty, staff and students of Umpqua Community College and to the Roseburg community.”

In his statement, Clark College President Bob Knight said:

“We understand these types of events may raise questions or concerns about safety on college campuses. Clark College has specific policies and procedures in place for our campus should this type event occur. The college conducts regular trainings on these policies and procedures, including test drills, to make certain the members of our community are prepared for such an event,” Knight said.

“While any incident like this is horrible and shakes us to the core, this incident hits very close to home for us at Clark College.”

As Knight noted, preparing for the worst is part of running a college, and WSU Vancouver is no different.

At the Salmon Creek campus, “we practice lockdown, earthquake and fire evacuation protocol regularly,” WSU Vancouver spokeswoman Brenda Alling said. “Completely coincidentally, we have a lockdown drill scheduled for next Tuesday morning.”