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News / Vitals

Vital Statistics

The Columbian
Published: August 17, 2016, 6:00am



Ashley C. and Colin M. Kemppainen, Battle Ground, a boy, Thomas Mikael, July 21, 8 pounds.

Marriage dissolutions


Downing, Beth Elaine and Joseph Richard.

Lafurge, Kevin and Sherrie. Respondent’s name changed to Johnson.

Msiyevich, Anatoly and Regina A.

Brasket, Tyler Thomas, and Killen, Alyssa Lynn.

King, Bret and Julie. Respondent’s name changed to Hodge.

Diggle, Kathleen Louise and Ken.

Offenberg, Dustin Michael and Erika Caroline.

Craig, Larissa J. and Daryll Joshua. Petitioner’s name changed to Van Ry.

Sharp, Rebekah Mae and Robert James.

Serrano Vazquez, Minerva, and Garcia Hernandez, Arnulfo.

Seifert, Ryan and Lindi. Respondent’s name changed to Westwood.

Fischer, John A. and Tonya L.

Lindberg, Lindsay Marie and Royce Elmer. Petitioner’s name changed to Dobbins.

Fields, Renee and Jason. Petitioner’s name changed to Hart.

Maurer, Katie Elisabeth and Christopher Joseph.

Eugenides, Alicia Lynn and April Marie.

Cueva, Joaquin Marguia, and Gil, Aida Esther Gonzalez.

Ziesemer, Desiree Nicole and Aaron Jacob. Petitioner’s name changed to Blais.

Manriquez, Alejandra Ortiz, and Magana, Emely Karina.

Schanaman, Robert Lee and Shelly Rae.

Espinoza, Sharon G., and Murphy, Alan Joseph.

Yates, Vicki Rae and Kenneth David.


Wanger, Emory R. and Hali J.L.

Ford, Rhonda L. and Greg W.

Carpenter, Jennifer L. and Jason Charles.

Shipman, Adam Lloyd and Jennifer Lynn.

Locken, Tonnell Allen III and Megan Joanna.

Arrellano, Braulio Rivera, and Gou, Xianxiu.

Willard, Teresa Loreen and Roger Brian.

Hall, Argero V. and John W.

Lasisi, Nojeem and Victoria Jean.

Marriott, Cheryle J. and Welder, William F.


Mull, Ann F. and James G.

Cook, Roy and Stacie.

Gosney, Travis Roy and Latasha Marie.

Merrill, Kathryn Anne, and Boggs, William Bernard.

Nikoloff, Merrie Elizabeth and Jacob Louis.

Parker, Janice Marie and Bradley

Peremikin, Pavel, and Zhakina, Larisa.

Sipes, Benton Mark and Jodie Noel.

Kinkaid, Fidelicia and Brian Keith.


Martin, John Lamoyne and Sunday Annette.

Marriage licenses


Draper, Tina Louise, 45, Washougal, and Franklin, Anthony Cason, 44, Washougal.

Gamboa, Jordan Isaiah, 32, Battle Ground, and Lancaster, Jennifer Michelle, 27, Battle Ground.

Ferguson, Melissa Anne, 41, Vancouver, and Griswold, Matthew Randolph Edd, 55, Vancouver.

Lahmann, Sarah Michelle, 28, Battle Ground, and Glantz, Aaron Albie, 39, Battle Ground.

Pettit, Matthew Charles, 30, Vancouver, and Lappe, Karee Nicole, 26, Vancouver.

Murdock, Amber Jeanee, 27, Vancouver, and Bahena, David Henry, 29, Vancouver.

Henriksen, Kimber, 23, Vancouver, and Baker, Casey Jo, 22, Vancouver.

Galligan, Robert Edward, 60, Vancouver, and Sparaco, Stephanie Ann, 44, Vancouver.

Pfoutz, Margurite Teresa, Portland, and Weeks, Marc Andrew, 33, Portland.

Spiker, Brandon Wayne, 21, Fort Lewis, and Earnhardt, Nika Mae, 20, Vancouver.

Tibbits, Danny Martin, 66, Vancouver, and Flynn, Lisa Gayle, 53, Vancouver.

Smith, Walter Jamison, 42, Puyallup, and Wright, Samantha Louisse, 31, Vancouver.

Atchley, Aaron Matthew, 37, Vancouver, and Schaefer, Erin Michelle, 37, Vancouver.

Ward, Tarah Brooke, 27, Vancouver, and Crotty, Sean O., 32, Vancouver.

Montrose, Elise Rochelle, 31, Portland, and Engleberg, Louis Samuel, 33, Portland.


Rivard, Logan Tyler, 23, Vancouver, and Washburn, Gabrielle Genevieve, 20, Vancouver.

Yost, Mackenzie Hannah 22, Vancouver, and Taubert, Cody Allen, 23, Vancouver.

Pasque, Jonathan William, 29, Washington, D.C., and Lee, Jessica Ann, 29, Washington, D.C.

Bennett, Brianna Geniel, 24, Brush Prairie, and Groneman, Corey Shane, 25, La Center.

Abraham, Ryan Anthony, 34, Washington, D.C., and Johnson-Reid, Katherine Fielder, 34, Washington, D.C.

Olii, Alexander Mihail, 22, Vancouver, and Tasca, Tatiana, 21, Swisttal, Germany.

Hopfenbeck, Amanda Lynn, 36, Portland, and McKee, Randy Charles, 37, Portland.

Pulkinen, Teri Lynn, 41, Portland, and Sanchez, Shannon Cord, 49, Portland.

Stuart, Lydia Aaren, 27, Washougal, and Carroll, Thomas Lynn, 25, Washougal.

Garvison, Kaitlin Sierra, 21, Oregon City, Ore., and Richardson, Cameron Michael, 21, Oregon City, Ore.

Luong, Hieu Thi, 67, Vancouver, and Carriker, Ronald Paul, 72, Ocean View, Hawaii.

Deran, Eran, 73, Vancouver, and Antus, Darryl Bryce, 55, Vancouver.

Adams, Desiree Candice, 34, Vancouver, and Wray, Ricado, 28, Vancouver.

Mabry, Casi Dayna, 28, Vancouver, and Jones, Corie Everett, 31, Vancouver.

Walsh, Elizabeth Mary Frances, 27, Vancouver, and Wormley, Martin Aldon, 28, Vancouver.

Lanphear, Abigail Ayesha, 24, Woodland, and Baxter, Zackery Scott, 25, Woodland.

Phelan, Rachael Marie, 24, Washougal, and Gunderson, Kurtis Richard, 28, Washougal.

Clark, Jimmie Dean, 39, Vancouver, and Lyon, Lisa Jean, 40, Vancouver.

Coates, Taelor Renae, 20, Vancouver, and Nerton-Naugle, Brandon Lynn, 20, Vancouver.

Lozano Rangel, Maria Estela, 42, Vancouver, and Espinoza Ruiz, Ommar Enrique, 36, Vancouver.

Buracioc, Maria, 21, Vancouver, and Tatarenko, Vyacheslav Leonid, 26, Vancouver.

Pedersen, Shannon Robin, 43, Vancouver, and Bunin, Steven Howard, 43, Vancouver.

Eggert, Cindi Dawn, 52, Vancouver, and Zaky, Maged El Sayed, 48, Vancouver.

Dunford, Adrienne Dawn, 42, Vancouver, and Blacker, Jason Reed, 43, Vancouver.

Pantazi, Sarah Brianna, 28, Vancouver, and Shattuck, Michael John, 27, Vancouver.

Cohn, Tija Alexandria, 24, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Peters, Jacob Rockney, 27, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Clarke, Holly Michelle, 40, Vancouver, and Beck, Darrell Ivan, 47, Vancouver.

Cooper, Margie Allen, 59, Camas, and Stanton, Rodney Bennett, 59, Camas.

Traxler, Samantha Jean, 20, Vancouver, and Frank, Jesse Edward, 25, Vancouver.

Thoummavong, Sengchanh, 34, Vancouver, and Inthisane, Lisa, 34, Vancouver.

Lemer, Kayli Michelle, 28, Oregon City, Ore., and Graham, Ryan James, 29, Oregon City, Ore.

Leedy, Darin Claire, 28, Portland, Ore., and Thomas, Geoffrey Francis, 28, Portland.

Court sentencings

The Columbian’s policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk’s Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Misdemeanor sentencings, provided by District Court, are published for the following crimes: DUI (driving under the influence), DWS/revoked (driving while license is suspended or revoked), theft-3 (third-degree theft), and assault-4 (fourth-degree assault). If the defendant is sentenced for other misdemeanors at the same time, those offenses are also listed. Money figures represent fines. Judges: John Fairgrieve, John Hagensen, James Swanger, James Rulli, Vernon Schreiber, Robert Lewis, Darvin Zimmerman, Scott A. Collier, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler, Sonya Langsdorf, Dan Stahnke, Suzan Clark, David Gregerson, Derek Vanderwood and Bernard Veljacic. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter, Stephanie Ellis, Chad Sleight . Court Commissioners: Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Jeff Witteman, Kristen Parcher, Dayann Liebman, Jennifer K. Snider and Todd George.


Cox, David Paul, 36, 11515 N.E. 49th St., 15 days, burglary-2, 2 counts identity theft, theft-2 access device. (Rulli, Aug. 11).

Bradford, Randall Eddie, 37, transient, 54 months, possession of heroin, unlawful firearm possession-1. (Gregerson, Aug. 9).


Abrew, Angela Carol, 33, 3501 N St., DWS-3, 10 days, $100. (Schreiber, Aug. 02).

Adams, Martin, 56, 15020 N.E. Rancho Drive, DUI, 1 day, $700. (Swanger, Aug. 02).

Allen, Jefferey Raymond, 48, 10011 N.W. 15th Ave. or 10111 N.W. 15th Ave., assault-4, 2 days. (Zimmerman, Aug. 01).

Andrews, Brooke Judith, 33, 13508 N.E. 81st St., 2900 H St., DWS-3, 1 day, $100. (Schreiber, Aug. 02).

Ball, Roseann Marie, 45, 2815 E. Sixth St., DUI, 15 days, $595. (Langsdorf, Aug. 03).

Bieker, Jordyn Mikaela, 22, Prescott, Ariz., theft-3, 1 day, $300. (Parcher, Aug. 01).

Browner, Maria Lee, 37, Portland, DWS-3, 1 day. (Schreiber, Aug. 02).

Bryant, Elisha Rae, 41, 318 N.W. Old Orchard Drive, DWS-3, 1 day, $100. (Ellis, Aug. 04).

Costa, Steven Lee, 34, 6811 N.E. 121st Ave., DWS-3, 5 days, $75. (Schreiber, Aug. 04).

Cunningham, Calvin Seth, 25, 1000 S.E. 160th Ave., theft-3, 5 days, $100. (Parcher, Aug. 01).

Elliott, Tyler David, 33, Watsonville, Calif., or 406 S.E. Fifth Court, Battle Ground, DUI, 1 day, $700. (Swanger, Aug. 01).

Fielding, Melissa Irene, 34, 6303 N.E. 32nd St., DWS-3, 10 days, $75. (Parcher, Aug. 02).

Gange, Derek M., 34, 5818 N.E. 84th Ave., theft-3, 5 days, $100. (Parcher, Aug. 02).

Gibson, Michael James, 32, 1610 Talton Ave., assault-4, 5 days, (Zimmerman, Aug. 02).

Guzman Vazquez, Jose Domingo, 33, 4619 N.E. 112th St., assault-4, 29 days, (Zimmerman, Aug. 02).

Hall, Allen Ray, 38, 659 30th St., Washougal, DUI, DWS-2, 120 days, $1,350. (Swanger, Aug. 01).

Hampton, Terrence Jamal Sr., 42, 4000 N.E. 109th Ave., DWS-3, 15 days, $300. (Ellis, Aug. 04).

Hanna, Christopher Gene, 29, 10711 N.E. 86th Circle, DUI, 185 days, $2,800. (Langsdorf, Aug. 03).

Hanna, Nicole Christie, 27, 3202 S.E. 328th Ave., Washougal, theft-3, 20 days, $300. (Parcher, Aug. 02).

Humphries, Gary Lynn, 51, 11921 N.E. 37th St., DWS-3, 3 days, $200. (Ellis, Aug. 04).

James, Raymond Karl, 43, 7120 N.E. 131st Ave., DWS-3, 5 days, $100. (Ellis, Aug. 04).

Johnson, Scott Douglas, 54, 801 Flint Ave., DUI, DWS, 300 days, $1,000. (Parcher, Aug. 02).

Kilmoyer, Robert Hibberd, 47, 6314 N.E. 137th Ave., theft-3, 10 days, $100. (Parcher, Aug. 02).

Lozano Lozano, Rafaela, 38, 6405 N.E. Hazel Dell Ave., theft-3, 5 days, (Parcher, Aug. 02).

Lujano, William Alexander, 22, 4510 Plomondon, DUI, 3 days, $595. (Swanger, Aug. 01).

Monge, Robert Jason, 46, Portland, DUI, 5 days, $595. (Swanger, Aug. 02).

Mouton, Todd Allen, 25, 4800 N.E. 46th St. or 5108 N.E. 44th St., DWS-3, 3 days, (Parcher, Aug. 01).

Oquendo, Jacob Tyler aka Oquendo, Jacob L., 23, Spokane or 6810 N.W. Anderson Ave., DUI, $700. (Swanger, Aug. 02).

Otterson, Duane Alfred, 52, 7617 N.E. 279th St., Battle Ground, DWS-3, 15 days, $100. (Schreiber, Aug. 02).

Parkerson, Kalyn Michelle Sue, 27, 2220 N.E. Bridgecreek Ave, theft-3, 20 days. (Swanger, Aug. 02).

Quinones, Darnell Helena, 59, 304 S.W. 18th St., Battle Ground, DUI, 1 day, $850. (Langsdorf, Aug. 03).

Rangel-Leon, Miguel A., 18, 6215 N.E. 11th Ave. or 2815 E. 19th St., DWS-3, 1 day, $100. (Ellis, Aug. 04).

Rhodes, Brandy Lynn, 41, 9901 N.E. Seventh St., assault-4, 2 days. (Osler, Aug. 04).

Rivers, Khayrie Jaquiesse, 23, Portland, DUI, 138 days, $1,675. (Swanger, Aug. 01).

Rodriguez, Oscar I., 33, 6103 N.E. 113th Circle, DWS-3, 2 days, $200. (Schreiber, Aug. 02).

Rouse, Jack L., 50, 8904 N.E. 15th Ave., DWS-3, 45 days, (Swanger, Aug. 02).

Stanley, Amanda R., 23, Gresham, Ore., DUI, 1 day, $595. (Langsdorf, Aug. 03).

Treptow, Pari Lynn, 23, 7503 N.E. 296th Way, Battle Ground, theft-3, 20 days, $300. (Parcher, Aug. 01).

Webb, Todd Allen, 50, Portland, theft-3, 5 days, (Parcher, Aug. 01).

Wheatley, Tyler Joel, 32, 5197 N.W. Lower River Road, DWS-3, 1 day. (Schreiber, Aug. 05).

White, Mikah James Donald, 24, Milwaukie, Ore., or 1327 X St., DWS-3, 1 day, $50. (Ellis, Aug. 04).