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Saturday, June 10, 2023
June 10, 2023

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Engineer talks to students about building a new school


Washougal — Two new schools are currently being built on the grounds near Jemtegaard Middle School, and sixth-graders in Mona Davies’ classes are learning about how a school is built from some of the people working on the project.

Jeremy Fick, a civil engineer from Robertson Engineering in Vancouver, visited Davies’ classes on Feb. 2 to talk about what a civil engineer does and what he was doing for the new schools. He talked about his role in the design of infrastructure for facilities, and also told students his duties focus on the outside of the building, such as storm water, sewers, fire protection, drainage, parking lots and fields.

On Jan. 15, Lance Lehto, president of Columbia West Engineering, spoke to Davies’ classes about the work he and his company do, such as testing the soil to learn how the area could discharge stormwater.