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Working in Clark County: Terry Conner, certified clinical hypnotherapist

By Kay Richardson, Columbian staff writer
Published: February 29, 2016, 6:02am
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Hypnotherapist Terry Conner, pictured in her Vancouver office, helps people resolve conflicts.
Hypnotherapist Terry Conner, pictured in her Vancouver office, helps people resolve conflicts. (Amanda Cowan/The Columbian) Photo Gallery

All of hypnotherapist Terry Conner’s jobs have somehow related to working with people and helping them resolve conflicts. When she experienced hypnotherapy to help her stop smoking, Conner discovered a desire to couple her people skills with a drive to help people find peace with themselves and their behaviors. “The most rewarding part is watching one realize that everything they need and want to feel better and to support themselves is only a thought process away,” says Conner.

Name: Terry Conner.

Neighborhood: Fisher’s Landing.

Business name: Fishers Landing Hypnotherapy, 8100 N.E. Parkway Drive, Suite 25, 360-326-4285; www.fisherslandinghypnotherapy.com

Age: 49.

Educational/professional background: All of my previous jobs have somehow related to people and finding resolution to conflicts. I worked all across the spectrum of “customer service,” from bartending to insurance policy interpretation in the white-collar genre, to accounts receivables and lower management in the blue-collar industry. So, it is kind of a given that my final career choice is assisting others to their own, unique resolution processes! I received certification as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2009 through attending a six-month program at Apositiva Institute in Portland.

How — and when — you got started in your business: Working with one of my colleagues who was helping me to stop smoking, I first realized that becoming a clinical hypnotherapist was the best use of my attributes. While applying hypnosis to my own goals, I realized how much I wanted to share those skills with others. It was abundantly clear that personalized hypnotherapy is what so many of us can utilize for specific purposes and in many, many areas of our life. After completion of training at Apositiva, I went directly into my own private practice.

Personal/business philosophy: Everyone wants to be at peace with themselves and their behavior. Having the skills to meet that need is learned and facilitated. I am just the facilitator. The client is the one doing the work. They are to be credited for the amazing changes they see within themselves.

Most rewarding part of job: Every single minute is rewarding! But the most rewarding part is watching one realize that everything they need and want to feel better and to support themselves is only a thought process away. Facilitating skills and supporting a client’s growth is so humbling and exciting.

Most challenging part of job: No doubt, it’s convincing someone to be patient with themselves! In our instant society, it is really tough to both nurture and motivate ourselves with all the learned defeatist beliefs we are taught. They can get rid of non-beneficial beliefs and behaviors with hypnotherapy, hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. For instance, with smokers, society says, “Just stop!” But there is something important to a smoker that they gain from smoking. There’s a core issue to be identified. Then we try to release those attributes and teach them how to listen to the instincts they have that will lead them to their goals.

Something surprising about your work: It never ceases to amaze me how quickly children respond to hypnotherapy! It is so cool! Since they work in metaphor so much, they respond well to it. As adults, we have built up walls with our critical factors. Our unconscious and conscious selves don’t always play together well.

One thing you’d like people to know about your work: When you are in the hypnosis state (theta and alpha), you are not asleep and cannot be made to believe or do anything you do not feel safe with. Your unconscious mind will always keep you safe. You are always in control.

Best feature of my Clark County community: The symbiotic relationship of the business and philanthropic community is seamless. It seems when you are among one, you are also in the other. This community has amazing leaders who are also truly involved, caring participants in the lives of others.

What would make your community a better place? More of the same good stuff! Cultural cohesion, competitive business and employee incentives for financial peace of mind, intellectual solutions to differing political views.

What is your favorite travel destination and travel type? Warm, sunny places! My favorite travel type is air travel. I want to get someplace quickly so I can discover stuff!

Favorite restaurant/pub/coffee shop/store: Petra House, any place with great wine, Compass Coffee, Camas Antiques.

Hobbies: Politics, just about any kind of philanthropy, jewelry making, gardening, writing.

Most enjoyable book/play/movie/arts event in past 12 months: I have rabidly been reading anything I can get my hands on from Philippa Gregory.

Something you’d like to do this year/within five years: This year: go on a “being 50” cruise with my high school buds and publish my first children’s book. Five years: Buy a building for Fishers Landing Hypnotherapy to grow!

One word to describe yourself: Loved.

Person you’d most like to meet: Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Columbian staff writer