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Battle Ground High wins sweepstakes at jazz festival

Published: January 31, 2016, 9:03pm

Battle Ground High School’s advanced jazz band took home the Dale Beacock Memorial Sweepstakes trophy at the 54th Annual Clark College Jazz Festival on Saturday. The award was presented at the conclusion of three days of big band jazz performed by ensembles from middle schools and high schools. Other results follow.

Middle school jazz ensembles

• 1st place: Jane Addams Middle School, Seattle.

• 2nd place: Eckstein Middle School, Seattle.

• 3rd place: Chief Umtuch Middle School, Battle Ground, and Beaumont Middle School, Portland.

High school jazz ensembles

• A Division: 1st place: Creswell High School Jazz I; 2nd place: Northwinds Homeschool; 3rd place: La Center High School.

• AA Division: 1st place: South Whidbey High School; 2nd place: Hockinson High School; 3rd place: Mead High School Jazz II.

• AAA Division: 1st place: Mead High School; 2nd place: Roosevelt High School Jazz II; 3rd place: Meadowdale High School.

• AAAA Division: 1st place: Battle Ground High School; 2nd place: Roosevelt High School Jazz I; 3rd place: Garfield High School.

Individual musicians

• Outstanding middle school jazz musician: Lukas Miller, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics; Evan Siegel, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics; Tanner Linton, Hockinson Middle School; Ashton Hemming, Chief Umtuch Middle School; Dominic Mendoza, Chief Umtuch Middle School; George Fulton, Eckstein Middle School; Anna Thilke, Eckstein Middle School; Aiden Shapero, Eckstein Middle School; Colin Brace, Jane Addams Middle School; Jack Atwater, Jane Addams Middle School; Hannah McCollum, Beaumont Middle School; Aaron Freedman, Beaumont Middle School; Alex Wagstaff, Beaumont Middle School; Owen Traw, Beaumont Middle School.

• Outstanding high school musician, A division: Gabe Pol, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics; Aubrey Hatch, Creswell High School Jazz II; Diego Romero, McLoughlin High School; Brendan Smith, McLoughlin High School; Adam Kennedy, Northwinds Homeschool; Claire Henninger, Northwinds Homeschool; Tyrelle Massey, Woodland High School.

• Outstanding high school musician, AA Division: Lorenzo Ponce, Ridgefield High School; Vincent DePiuto, Central Catholic High School; Connor Brennan, Mt. Spokane High School; Kent Stricker, Colombia River High School; Liam Twomey, South Whidbey High School; Nick Torres, Washougal High School; Nick Baciuc, Hockinson High School.

• Outstanding high school musician, AAA Division: Nikki Anderson, Bothell High School Jazz II; Hunter Coleman, Mountain View High School Jazz II; Gabe James, Mead High School Jazz I; Michael Galeotti, Mead High School Jazz I; Jacob Volz, Meadowdale High School; Carter Eng, Roosevelt High School Jazz II.

• Outstanding high school musician, AAAA Division: Mariah Jones, Kelso High School; Jacob Sanders, Chiawana High School; Steve Montecucco, Battle Ground High School; Brandon Pressley, West Salem High School Jazz I; Calvin Huynh, Bothell High School; Santosh Sharma, Roosevelt High School Jazz I; Isaac Poole, Garfield High School.