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Friday,  May 17 , 2024

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Press Talk: What drives Madore?

By Lou Brancaccio, Columbian Editor
Published: May 14, 2016, 6:10am

If you laid out all the complaints, lawsuits and other stupid stuff Republican County Councilor David Madore is involved with, the pile would reach from here to the doorsteps of Hell … Michigan.

I’m not kidding! At least about the fact there really is a Hell, Mich.

And even though the pile might not technically reach to Hell, it at least feels like it would get pretty close.

Look, I’m not going to laboriously list every dang stupid thing this character has done. But here are a couple:

• He’s decided to call his Facebook page a “newspaper.” He believes by doing so, he somehow has some added legal protection from all of the stupid stuff he says there. He’s wrong. He’s still a county councilor and he still can’t delete and hide public records. And, oh by the way, if there are seven people in all the land who believe that by saying you’re a newspaper that you are a newspaper … well, that’s six more than I suspect are out there.

• A county department head is suing him for what he has said about his department. Essentially, Madore is claiming the county planning department has cooked the books with false data, which has led to bad decisions in land-use planning. Madore will lose this one. Why? Because Madore would have to show intent. So even if the planning department made mistakes — and we all do — it would be very difficult to prove intent.

And the list goes on.

What’s driving Madore?

Back in January, I wrote a column that Madore was officially off the rails. I certified it and everything.

Oh, I suspect there were a few disbelievers, but now it’s May. And the stupid stuff just keeps happening. Today, is there anyone out there who really thinks otherwise? OK, OK, right-wing activist Larry Patella would disagree with me. My bad.

But what’s going on with Madore? He really is a bright guy. Terribly misguided, but bright.

I have a few theories about why he does what he does:

He’s filling the blogger void

Our local right-wing blogger contingent is losing steam.

One spent a decade in his basement blogging and decided he wanted to see what the sun looks like. So he suspended his writings.

Another right-wing blogger has also seen the light, and I’m pretty sure it’s because he religiously reads my column. Well, according to him, he reads my columns twice! So he has joined me in holding Madore accountable.

It’s gotten so bad (or good) that this blogger is now in a dogfight with right-winger Patella.

Patella called this blogger out and said he should consider giving up the “Conservative” name he has on his blog.

I’m not kidding!

• • •

So Madore has stepped in with his Facebook posts. And he can right-wing blog with the best of ’em.

For example, if you disagree with Madore, he simply calls you a liberal. It’s what he now likes to call any conservative county councilor who votes against him.

He also spouts wild, unproven accusations, and other overall stupid stuff.

Just like a right-wing blogger, right? Oh my!

It’s a religious battle

If you know Madore — and read him closely — everything comes back to religion and his faith. He knows well the earthly struggles Jesus went through, how the general populace was against him, but how — through his teachings — he eventually won most everyone over to his side.

See the parallel? Madore also is going through struggles, he also recognizes the general populace is against him, but he believes he will eventually win most people over through his teachings.

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Now, in no way am I saying that Madore believes he is like Jesus. What I’m saying is — like Jesus — he finds strength to continue by embracing the struggle before him.

Of course, if Madore is right, then — in time — hallelujah! But if he’s wrong — and I believe he is — well, that’s a lot of pain and suffering he’s putting our community through.

Columbian Editor