Sunday, June 20, 2021
June 20, 2021

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Letter: The United States of Misogyny


Until this election, I didn’t know Americans hate women so much.

Social and political misogyny is on daily display. Despite being the most qualified person to be president, Hillary Clinton has had to “grin and bear it” as the insulting and false platitudes are peddled.

Throughout her career, Clinton’s actions have been microscopically investigated by Republican committees — finding nothing criminal about her public or private conduct, yet continuing to label her a liar.

Trump and his campaign have drawn out a mob mentality of misogyny in America that should be no less frightening than his disdain of immigrants, people of color, and regular working folks.

This election boils down to this: It’s a woman thing. Sadly, some Americans are lying to themselves: they do not want a woman to be president. With her stellar résumé, if Clinton is not elected, no woman has a chance.

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