Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Oct. 20, 2021

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Letter: Speak out against terminal


I strongly oppose the proposed Tesoro-Savage oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver, and testified on June 7 at the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council’s air quality permit hearing.

Having once lived near an oil storage facility, I clearly recall the terrible smell. It was, simply put, awful. When the wind was blowing from the direction of the terminal, even with my windows down and firmly shut, I could still smell it — and it was nothing I could identify or describe, just extremely bad.

EFSEC will soon be making a recommendation to Gov. Inslee, but there will be one more public hearing before that happens, on Aug. 22, at Clark College’s Columbia Tech Center on Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard near Southeast 192nd Avenue. This is the last local opportunity for the public to weigh in, face to face, with EFSEC members. This one will focus on the stormwater discharge permit.

Vancouver does not need this proposed terminal, nor is the oil needed. Please tell EFSEC “no” on Aug. 22. Testimony begins at 1 p.m.

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