Letter: Hard to keep from crying




I don’t know whether to laugh or cry: Rep. Herrera Beutler wants to invest in mental health resources. I support this priority, but I’m unsure how tax cuts for the wealthy and an increased deficit support this goal.

But she sent me a message that we’ll all be living better soon. Maybe a clean environment improves mental health. Maybe it helps for babies and mothers to have a secure start with nutrition, a home, education, medical support. And worthwhile business helps — maybe the Koch brothers won’t reduce too many more properties like Georgia-Pacific to move jobs where unions aren’t so pesky. Or maybe we really are in the era of the “paperless office” and need training to keep up. Maybe businesses will use tax savings for jobs, not more automation.

I’m confused. I am crying that our recent election had such low turnout. But we have another year to laugh through. Maybe the best person who won’t listen to our experiences and concerns can be bought by the Koch brothers, the NRA and all those wealthy organizations with nice names that include “freedom” and “heritage.” Maybe we can just sleep instead of laughing or crying.