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Friday, December 8, 2023
Dec. 8, 2023

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Letter: GOP abandons common sense


After a spirited political discussion, a friend asked me, “You used to be such a conservative. What happened?”

I answered that I’m still a conservative, pro-life and a Republican, but I can’t put politics first. Although I can’t bring myself to change political parties, I can’t support a president who speaks falsehoods. I can’t support a narcissistic misogynist and sexual harasser. I can’t accept the politics of racial division. I can’t countenance a serial braggart who strikes back like a fifth-grade bully.

I fear the ignorance of a president who won’t listen to the brightest and the best, especially in foreign affairs. I despair of the damage his populist simplicity and flawed/venal appointees will cause to our environment, national treasures, economy and to the most vulnerable: the poor, ill and uneducated. I grieve that his personality, actions and speech have divided America. Divisions by race, religion, culture and economic status have been created and deepened, perhaps irreparably.

In my life, I’ve sinned, screwed up, antagonized and annoyed many, so I’m in no position to claim to be holier-than-thou. Nonetheless, my religious beliefs tell me not to accept the moral hypocrisy of putting pursuit of political power above character.

Have I abandoned the causes that I’ve supported? I think not. The GOP and its principles have abandoned me.

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