Sunday, November 29, 2020
Nov. 29, 2020

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Letter: Kudos to Thin Green Line


Thanks to the many members of the Thin Green Line who have taken stands to protect our environment. In response to the Associated Press story “State denies sublease for coal export terminal,” published Jan. 4 in The Columbian, I want to thank:

• The Army Corps of Engineers for stopping the coal terminal near Bellingham and for denying the easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

• Former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, commissioners Mary Abrams and Peter Goldmark for stopping coal terminals on the Columbia River.

• The city councils of Hoquiam, Vancouver and Portland for banning new fossil fuel terminals.

• Former Gov. John Spellman for stopping an oil terminal in Port Angeles in 1982.

Now we ask Gov. Jay Inslee to stop the largest rail-to-marine oil terminal in America. It would cause four loaded oil trains to travel for hundreds of miles through the Columbia watershed — every day. We also ask the Army Corps to issue their EIS for the dock in Whatcom County as soon as possible.

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