Sunday, October 24, 2021
Oct. 24, 2021

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Letter: Atheism robs our children


For over a half century, this nation has been getting darker without the love of Christ to support it. Did you know many of our country’s founders were either Christian or believed Christianity was a firm foundation for our beginning? One-third of their writings dealt with Jesus as a moral basis for our country and hence, God’s support.

I doubt we can find these articles in our public schools. Atheism continues to rob our children of their founded values with the help of many politicians. How can we trust politicians without Christ in their hearts? These people continue to separate us from either our country or our God. We can’t have both, they say.

Jesus is not to be locked behind closed doors of our homes and churches. This will worsen if we don’t act as Christians. We must be a light in this dark world. Stand up and proclaim Jesus Christ as the son of God. He is 24/7 forever.

Let’s take our country back from the Godless before our Lord’s patience is exhausted. Anyone who has felt the love of Christ knows there is no other morality acceptable to God, especially not manmade.

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