Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Sept. 21, 2021

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Letter: Learn from Whatcom’s mistakes


I posted a comment under Port of Vancouver commission candidate Kris Greene’s Sept. 5 Facebook post. It was removed, and then I was blocked. My comment merely stated:

Vancouver should learn from the mistakes made by Whatcom County, where I reside. In 2012, Whatcom County permitted both the BP Cherry Point and Phillips 66 oil refineries’ crude-by-rail facilities without requiring an environmental impact statement. Dangerous oil trains come into Whatcom daily.

I live 1 1/2 miles from the BP Cherry Point crude-by-rail facility. Since 2013, I’ve registered 200-plus complaints with the Northwest Clean Air Agency regarding the foul odor that sometimes occurs that’s been attributed to BP’s wastewater treatment facility. The odor comes into my home through open windows.

In 2015, an oil train’s caboose derailed near Cherry Point. It was moving very slowly, so no injuries or fire resulted.

A Feb. 6, 2015, Bellingham Herald story reported 14 oil train cars were found to be leaking at BP’s crude-by-rail facility. It’s unknown when, exactly, those started leaking.

Vancouver will regret it for many reasons if Vancouver Energy’s proposed oil terminal is permitted and built. Learn from Whatcom County’s mistakes. Also, it’s concerning when candidates running for office censor information from the public’s view.

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