Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Jan. 31, 2023

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Letter: Urge support for mothers


A big thanks to Congress for working in a bipartisan way to end the preventable deaths of mothers and children under age 5 in our world. (“Support care for mothers,” Sept. 2, Our Readers’ Views).

Both of our senators have supported this work in the past and I am sure they will again, especially if they receive calls and letters from us asking them to co-sponsor the Reach Every Mother and Child Act.(Senate Bill 1730). Congresswoman Herrera Beutler needs to hear from constituents that this bill matters and when it is introduced by her fellow Republican Dave Reichert, to please co-sponsor it.

She does listen to constituents, as shown by her cosponsorship of the House Resolution to support the Global Partnership for Education (H. Res. 466). So email, call or tweet her to continue this bipartisan effort to save lives.

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