Thursday, March 30, 2023
March 30, 2023

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Letter: Assist independent seniors


This letter is in response to the article “Housing crunch snaring seniors” (July 29, The Columbian).

Thousands of seniors in Clark County experience the isolation that the wonderful people at Meals on Wheels see every day.

There is a simple answer to this situation: volunteer with Villages Clark County, a plan, not a place, to help seniors stay in their homes. Join the sweeping national “village” movement by becoming a volunteer to help seniors living in your neighborhood. Get background checked, vetted and trained.

Seniors can join this nonprofit, all-volunteer organization for a small monthly fee. Get rides to doctors appointments, companionship and opportunities to socialize and maybe a little help around the house and yard.

Villages Clark County will open in early 2019, when we will be ready to help seniors overcome this kind of isolation. Go to, click on the contact form to be a member, a volunteer, a donor, a community supporter. There are six of these villages open and thriving in Portland.

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