Friday, January 21, 2022
Jan. 21, 2022

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Letter: Embrace Christian ideology


Mass shootings could be reduced by not restricting Christian ideology in mainstream society. Several decades ago it was unheard of to have gun violence at schools. Christian ideology was the norm back then. In the past several decades, liberals have had a sleaze fest turning the Constitution upside down to legalize abortion, legalize the gay lifestyle, outlaw school prayer, and eradicate Christian ideology.

Most young people today do not attend church. They lose their innocence at a young age, due to exposure to adult content. They do not develop a conscience that allows them to distinguish right from wrong. If Christian values were practiced, greater effort would be made to include less popular students and bullying would be less common.

Judges think they are being fair when they favor the exclusion of all religion, because no particular religion is given an advantage. However, they’re favoring atheism by making it the default. Christianity should be the default. The U.S. was founded primarily by strong Christians, with many of them being Puritans. The removal of crosses and displays of the Ten Commandments needs to stop. When liberal judges eradicate all religion from society they are violating when the founders intended.