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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
June 7, 2023

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Letter: Christian nation? Live up to it


If ours was a Christian nation deserving a place of trust and responsibility throughout the world, there would be no need to confess with shame all that has been evil in our history, all that make us unworthy to be called a Christian nation. Pride, greed, injustice, a spirit of division and deceit — these have taken the place of unselfish service which alone can make us great.

Where is the evidence of sound government, just laws, good education, a clean press, the simplicity and justice in our relations with one another? Where is equality of opportunity? Should not our ideals and aspirations show accordance with God’s will? This is not the case.

Attorney General William Barr’s attempt to instruct the interpretation of the Mueller report, before it has been made available to the public, is itself an obstruction of justice, an attempt to control the narrative to the benefit of the White House.

It is high time for the citizenry to take responsibility and be accountable to the words “mercy,” “justice,” “good will,” and thus dignify this country as a refuge to the sick and weary. This should be our shared purpose if we dare to call ourselves a Christian nation.

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