Sunday, September 27, 2020
Sept. 27, 2020

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Letter: Not all boomers’ fault


I take exception to Greg Jayne’s editorial “Boomers making country go bust” (The Columbian, Nov. 17). When we started grade school, we learned how to crawl under our desks, cover our heads and necks with hands and arms to protect ourselves from the nuclear bombs that were falling. If we survived we got to go home and look at pictures of kids being escorted to their high school classes by Army paratroopers while police watched, restraining their attack dogs, or we watched the police hosing down people with fire hoses because they were protesting an injustice.

If that wasn’t enough, we witnessed great men being gunned downed in the streets the same day it happened. We got to watch one of the assassins shot and killed live on TV. We got to go to Southeast Asia and had the opportunity to get our names put on a marble wall.

It’s an illusion we inherited a rich and dynamic country. Look at all the hate, greed and fear we inherited. We have tried to make it better, just as every other generation has. Yes we have made mistakes, but so have every other generation. Don’t blame it all on us.

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