Sunday, December 4, 2022
Dec. 4, 2022

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Letter: Analyzing Bill Gates’ birthday


On Oct. 28, Bill Gates turned 64, the highest-power age reachable in one’s lifetime since 64 is 26 (the next highest-power age, 128 or 27, would essentially be impossible).

Additionally, 64 is almost always the largest cube age since 64 is equal to 4³. The next higher cube age, 5³ equals 125, is another nearly unreachable age.

Age 64, or 8², is also a square age (next are 81 and 100).

Furthermore, each year has 64 days left after Gates’ birthday.

Moreover, the digits of 10/28/2019 add up to 23, and twice 23 is 46, the reverse of 64.

The digits of 64 add up to 10, the month number of Gates’ birthdate.

Gates’ 64th birthday marks the beginning of his life’s 65th year and half of the reverse of 65 is 28, his birthdate’s day number.

The sum of the squares of the digits of 64 equals 52 and 52 coincides with the sum of the letter numbers of Gates.

Additionally, the sum of the cubes of the digits of 64 equals 280 and 280 is 10 x 28.

Lastly, Gates’ 65th birthday is the 302nd day of 2020, 302 equals 2 x 151, 151 – 2 equals 149, 149 is the 35th prime number, and 35 equals the sum of the letter numbers of “Bill.”

Happy 64th birthday, Bill Gates!