Thursday, August 13, 2020
Aug. 13, 2020

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Letter: Stop the trashing of Portland


Open your eyes and ears to what is really happening in these so-called “peaceful protests.” What started out as an earnest plea to call attention to a terrible event involving a Black man and the police, has become something far different and unrecognizable as anarchists and far left groups have become involved. The lawlessness that comes out of Portland every day and night for the last two months is a nightmare. Portland mimics every other Democratic-led major city in America.

Dare to look beyond mainstream media coverage, and you will see protesters joined or backed up by anarchists breaking windows, destroying and pillaging private property, breaking down fences and barriers to barricade officers and others inside buildings with the intent to light them on fire. I call this arson! These same “peaceful” people have pointed strong lasers in the eyes of officers to blind them.

Portland was once a beautiful city, but who would recognize the downtown area now? Who would feel safe there? Help is needed from federal agents when local mayors and governors are unwilling to deal with the crisis.

Please support the police and all agents who are called to support them.

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