Friday, August 7, 2020
Aug. 7, 2020

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Letter: Wheeler backs wrong side


Mayor Ted Wheeler has objected to the presence of DHS in Portland and is on record as not wanting or needing their offered help. He has attributed violence to this federal presence, and ignores this ongoing riot that has victimized many people and businesses. Further, he has expressed his wishes that the feds leave, but not before they clean up their tagged buildings. This is naive posturing.

It is a shame that a young man was hurt by what was reportedly nonlethal munitions at the hands of a federal agent. The mayor called it “unacceptable.” The same period also saw a burly individual attacking the federal building with a “hammer,” i.e. a 16-inch, heavy hand-maul. He was arrested after assaulting and injuring one of the officers.

No lethal force was used, although the maul at the hands of an agitated suspect was no doubt readily capable of lethal use.

I saw no acknowledgement of the officer’s considerable professional restraint by anyone in Portland, let alone the mayor.

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