Saturday, May 21, 2022
May 21, 2022

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Letter: Alex Trebek by the numbers


I constructed the following birthday curiosities for the game show “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek, who turned 80 on July 22.

1. The letter numbers of George Alexander Trebek add up to 202, the reverse of 2020.

2. Mr. Trebek’s 82nd birthday, 22/7/22, will be a palindrome date.

3. Mr. Trebek’s 87th birthday 7/22/27 is a palindrome date, too.

4. Moreover, Mr. Trebek’s 89th birthday 7/22/29 is arithmetically special: 7 + 22 = 29.

5. Mr. Trebek’s 90th birthday coincides with the 203rd day of 2030.

6. Additionally, Mr. Trebek’s 100th birthday coincides with the 204th day of 2040.

7. Also, the 100th prime number is 541 and the reverse of 541 is 145, the sum of the letter numbers of Alexander Trebek.

8. Further, the square root of 100 is 10, the number of letters in Alex Trebek. Also, the 10th prime number is 29 and 29 = 7 + 22.

9. Mr. Trebek’s 103rd birthday, 7/22/2043, will also be special: First, the letter numbers of Alex Trebek add up to 103. Second, the sum of the prime factors of 202 (see item 1), namely 2 and 101, equals 103. Third, 2043/(2 + 0 + 4 + 3) = 227, the reverse of 722 (7/22).

10. Lastly, Mr. Trebek’s birthdate coincides with Pi Approximation Day since the fraction 22/7 approximately equals pi.

Happy 80th birthday Mr. Trebek and I hope you will enjoy all of the above birthdays!

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