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Sunday, March 3, 2024
March 3, 2024

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Winning bid for state ferry $205,100, or was it?


OLYMPIA — The former Washington ferry that has been docked at the Port of Olympia’s marine terminal for nearly two years appears to have sold on eBay over the weekend for slightly more than $200,000. But the owner, Greg Jones, who at one time talked about using the ferry in Florida, said Monday that the sale hadn’t closed just yet.

The ferry, once known as The Evergreen State, was listed on eBay under a 10-day auction. The auction closed Friday night and attracted 130 bids, finally pushing the sales price to $205,100.

If the winning bid holds true, it represents a loss of almost $100,000 because Jones paid $300,000 for the 310-foot ferry in 2017. After he bought the ferry he docked it at the port, not always paying his bills to the port on time.