Monday, September 21, 2020
Sept. 21, 2020

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Letter: Makes local roads safer


Infrastructure is expanding quickly all over Washington; and in Vancouver to be specific. Even though the government is making sure that safe highways and bridges are being reconstructed and built, are all the roads safe? Neighborhoods that are small and old don’t get much road care. The road that runs right next to my house has had plenty of potholes for years. Many people around my neighborhood have complained to the city of Vancouver about the condition of these roads but this does not help.

The result of not fixing these roads results in messing up a car’s tires or trying to avoid these holes and go into the oncoming traffic lane. Procrastinating and not fixing these holes is dangerous.

Sidewalks and bike lanes are also needed. When bikes and people walk on the side of the road, the car either has to go into the oncoming lane to pass them, or they have to wait and hold up traffic because the oncoming traffic is too heavy; either way isn’t safe. I think that in towns and cities, sidewalks and bike lanes should be a must for safe transportation for humans that walk or bike and as well as for drivers.

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