Sunday, February 23, 2020
Feb. 23, 2020

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Letter: Preserve Providence Academy


Much attention is being paid to the development plans of the property surrounding the Providence Academy building. The Clark County Historical Commission is fighting the city over the site plans. I have asked the tough questions but I have not received any answers from the city.

The city does not have guidelines for historic preservation. It does have a historic overlay for the property in question.

Do these guidelines meet the standards of the Washington State Preservation Commission or The National Historic Trust?

Is there a possibility The Academy could be taken off the National Historic Register if is does not meet preservationist guidelines?

The Historic Trust only recently hired professional preservationists. Have these plans been reviewed by them? Were they reviewed by them before going to the city council for approval?

I and others believe there is grave danger The Academy could be struck by the wrecking ball if historic preservation of the building and the development of its grounds are not carefully studied and meet the professional requirements of state and national guidelines. Too many dollars have been raised by Providence Health and Services, government funding and community donors and spent to have these questions not answered.

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