Monday, September 21, 2020
Sept. 21, 2020

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Key steps for proper furniture placement


What makes one room successful and another a failure? It often comes down to proper furniture placement. It is a skill to be able to lay out a room effectively. Often a room feels overstuffed with furniture or is laid out in a way that lacks cohesion. This is where proper planning and placement come into play.

Planning ahead

This should be part of your process before you buy a single piece of furniture. Failure to properly preplan a space often results in furniture that is too small, too big or just too much. Before you begin, consider three simple steps.

1. Measure your rooms with a laser tool or refer to a floor plan.

2. Plan out the furniture pieces you wish to have in a room.

3. Select specific pieces that fit the appropriate size and scale.

Where to start?

The best advice is to purchase large pieces first. For example, purchase your sofa before you purchase side tables, or buy your bed before nightstands. It is important to have clarity as far as what can properly fit in a space, and the only way to set you on the right path is to place bigger items first. Want to add an area rug? Many designers recommend choosing a rug first, for either color or design inspiration, or last, to tie everything together.

Outdoor spaces

Plan your outdoor environment in the same way you would plan the design and layout of spaces within the home. Begin by determining how you wish to use the space and then divide your outdoor space into zones. Zones could include a lounge or relaxation zone, as well as perhaps a dining zone.