Saturday, May 15, 2021
May 15, 2021

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Newspaper wants to print your story

Time on your hands? We’ve got a suggestion.

By , Columbian Arts & Features Reporter

We have this funny idea that our readers have had a little extra time on their hands lately. Time to remember, time to reflect, time to write it all down.

We’d love to see some of those memories and reflections wind up in our “Everybody Has a Story” column, which is where Columbian readers get to tell their own true tales.

“Everybody Has a Story” stories can be almost anything. Over the past 13 years we’ve featured formative childhood events, career and military adventures, solo and family trips, tragic losses, hilarious happenings. Serious or silly, big or small, way back when or just this morning — we’ll consider it all. (OK, we have to admit, at the moment we’re pretty leery of bleak coronavirus-isolation reports where nothing happens and that’s the point.)

Just do us a favor and remember these guidelines:

• Your story must be true.

• It must be no longer than 1,000 words. Shorter is better. Epics are hard to pull off in this small space.

• It must be a coherent tale — not an editorial, technical manual, declaration of faith or patchwork of anecdotes. Is it one single story?

• Focus on your personal experience. What were you seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling?

• Expect a little kindly editing.

Send your stories to or P.O. Box 180, Vancouver WA, 98666. Call “Everybody Has an Editor” Scott Hewitt, 360-735-4525, with questions.