Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Sept. 23, 2020

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Letter: COVID-19 diet adds up


Most diets are difficult to follow and maintain your target weight. But not the COVID-19 diet; it is very easy.

First, you still eat all your favorite food and takeout. You eat four or five meals a day plus snacks between these meals, like doughnuts or muffins in the morning, fried pies or candy around lunch, cheese crackers or pretzels early afternoon, dinner with dessert like pie or cake followed by popcorn while watching TV, then ice cream later.

No exercise with this diet, the gyms are closed, my bicycle has two flat tires and it’s been too wet to walk. Now I have hit my target, I have gained 19 pounds as described in the diet’s name and it is so easy to maintain. The dog even gained a few pounds. The economy is in a downturn but only momentarily, as when the malls reopen I will be spending my entire stimulus check on new clothes as my skinny jeans are so last February. Got to go now for a snack and a nap. Don’t want to miss Oprah.

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