Wednesday, July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020

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Letter: Not the time for I-5 repairs


Interstate 5 repairs: Are you mad? Honestly, let’s think this through, shall we?

Do you really expect the men and women who have to actually do that work, often in close quarters with one another, handling the same tools and equipment and likely using the same portable toilets, to go ahead with that project during this crisis as a matter of convenience? (“Clark Asks: Why not replace I-5 Bridge trunnion while traffic’s light?” March 22, The Columbian).

Frankly, I’m furious that anyone would consider that a good idea. I shouldn’t be surprised. Blatant disregard for people who do these jobs is the norm, and suddenly they find themselves “critical workers” responsible for keeping the lights on and making sure food (and toilet paper) is on the shelves.

All this so that a segment of the population can sit at home with their kids, have the occasional meeting via teleconference and complain on Facebook about how inconvenient it all is in a somewhat tardy effort to reduce infection rates and ease the burden on an overtaxed and unprepared health care system.

It’s in this climate we decide it’s a good time to ask these folks to risk their health and that of their families to make our commute less troublesome? How about no.

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