Thursday, September 24, 2020
Sept. 24, 2020

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Letter: Expand your data sources


It is amazing that conservative values have remained as strong as they are in the United States. Liberal views are thrust at us continuously from the educational system and the media. In general, liberals tend to dominate both institutions. Educational curricula, from primary school through college, emphasize social welfare at the expense of international relations, history, science and economics content. By graduation, student beliefs have often solidified.

The influence of the media is more subtle but continues beyond school.

The achievements of conservatives are minimized while blunders are emphasized. Private enterprise is scorned, its accomplishments go unreported. These outcomes promise:

Full employment in the U.S., with the inclusion of women, minorities and entry-level workers.

An energy-independent nation.

Longer, higher-quality life spans.

Alleviation of global hunger and improved health care, in spite of exploding populations.

Universal access to information.

Encouraging prospects for world peace, in large part due to these factors.

It is essential to expand our data sources and challenge their inputs. Are there biases? Is the information credible? Do alternative viewpoints exist? The continuing survival of conservative ideals is a shining reflection of reason divorced from the taint of our educational system and the media.

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