Saturday, November 28, 2020
Nov. 28, 2020

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Letter: Beware the uncurious press


Early next year new episodes of classic television programing will be released. Unfortunately, it will not be “Gilligan’s Island” or “Columbo” but an updated version of that 2009 hit “The Uncurious Press”.

No longer will the public be exposed to penetrating questions about pandemic deaths, impeachment allegations, collusion narratives, staff and cabinet dismissals, personal financial inquiries, salacious private behavior and nepotism. Instead, these re-runs will consist of the White House press corps delving into the titanic issues surrounding the Oval Office carpet, names of presidential pets and the dessert selection at the first State Dinner.

“The Uncurious Press” is basically a live situational comedy with lots of giggles, obedient head nodding and compliant smiles (no laugh track or lighted applause signs will be needed). These performances will also have a game show aspect as news outlets compete for over-the-top rhetoric and excessive adulation.

A follow-up documentary is also planned in the near future and is titled, “Democracy Dies in Deference.”

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