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Saturday, February 24, 2024
Feb. 24, 2024

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Letter: Change behavior, pick up garbage


Something needs to be done about our garbage and littering. Our community used to be a clean community and people respected our public places. Now our trails, parks, and common places are littered and garbage is everywhere.

I appreciate the city of Vancouver has decided to clean up Leverich Park, but it will be complicated and it is not the only place. It’s more than just homeless camps. Garbage is strewn in all our public places. People picnic but no longer pick up after themselves and leave all their food containers and waste behind.

We cannot depend upon our local government to bear this alone. We need a cultural and ethical change. Why can’t our local governments, and someone like the Chamber of Commerce, work together asking our community to pick up after themselves? Remember the messaging from the governor of Texas asking communities “not to mess with Texas”? We need a campaign to change people’s behavior.

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