Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Oct. 20, 2020

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Letter: Trump’s America is burning


I recently read an opinion piece “Culture war lands on Lopez Island,” by Danny Westneat about some conflicts on Lopez Island between Black Lives Matter supporters and Trump supporters. I have come to realize that we have always had our differences and always will. Old wounds will never go away.

What’s happening now is that our president knows how to use those differences to turn ourselves against each other. I used to not care what party people belonged to. Now when I meet a Trump supporter, I run the other way. A real leader would help us all live with our differences by leading everybody. An unqualified, incompetent and uncaring leader like Trump destroys everybody and everything just to nourish his damaged, misshapen ego. Trump does not know or does not care that the president’s job is to bring people together despite our differences. Trump’s America is burning, no one else’s.

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