Tuesday, May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021

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Letter: Lessons come from hard work


I did not come from a broken home and was given guidance by my parents, teachers, coaches and the community. If I did something wrong, by the time I got home my parents already knew. Went to school and tried to do my best and looked up to my teachers. Played sports and took instruction from coaches and teammates. Got a part-time job to earn a little spending money. Received my driver’s license and got to borrow the family car if I had completed my chores.

Fast forward many years I have now found out that I did this all wrong. I should have defied everyone that I came in contact with, sat around and waited for others to just give me things and if they did not, I should have protested that I have rights and deserve to be given everything.

If that did not work then file a lawsuit demanding equity from those that did have all of the things I wanted. Don’t follow the law because I have special rights and have been abused by society, call anyone who challenges me a bully or worse. Demand more money for not doing my job but just for showing up. Now the city, county, state and federal governments are making this life come true. I’m glad I did it all wrong.

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