Monday, April 12, 2021
April 12, 2021

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Letter: Fairness in taxes is what we want


Here we have Ann Donnelly, a businesswoman, telling us on The Columbian Opinion page that “their” No. 1 concern is the capital gains tax (“Proposed bills chart wrong course for state,” The Columbian, April 4). She states it is likely to become an income tax: Republican spin in action.

Furthermore, she states it is the “slippery slope to taxing the middle class.” Another lie. What it translates to is “don’t tax the rich!” In the same paper is the article stating 50 top corporations in America pay no taxes. Donnelly states “state revenue is growing.” So with rich people like Bill Gates paying a tiny fraction of his income for taxes and the middle class paying 17 percent of theirs, who is paying this “increase of revenue”? The middle class is paying it. Fairness is what Americans want in taxation. Let Bill Gates and company pay their fair share of taxes. Raise his taxes to what the middle class pays.

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