Monday, May 10, 2021
May 10, 2021

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Letter: Accentuate the positive


Spring and vaccinations invite us from isolating cells to gather with family and friends. Let’s also renew our mindsets with goodwill intentions to nurture each other.

Like bees, we emerge to pollinate the attitudes of our communities. To spread the positive, empathize with the particular needs and stresses of each person’s situation and life stage, then remind them of their gifts and value to us and others. Everyone thrives on the nectar of feeling accepted.

The elderly need to feel relevant, respected and listened to with patience. Worker bees appreciate consideration of their efforts and perseverance to keep the family hive and workplace humming along safely. Youth need to be active and recognized as they develop and test physical, mental, and interpersonal skills. Model desired behaviors and “catch them being good” while admiring their strengths and unique characteristics.

Finally, offer truth sandwiches (truth, lie, truth) to calm folks anxious from disinformation, after confirming that we hear them and asking questions to better understand: “We follow CDC guidelines to be vaccinated and reduce our risk. Lots of disinformation has spread, causing confusion and fears. But actions based on scientific facts are our ticket to health and freedom.”

Pollinate with positives!

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