Thursday, May 6, 2021
May 6, 2021

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Letter: Revitalize inner city


The plan to build a New Seasons Market (2023) at 15th and Main streets has generated a lot of excitement. With a little vision, we can use this opportunity to revitalize our inner city, too.

Let’s now build the Main Street Promenade from the Kiggins Theater to Fourth Plain Boulevard. New Seasons could build out a plaza and become the central parking hub for the 0.7-mile trek. This walkway would not only connect the northern residential neighborhoods (Carter Park, Shumway, Hough, Arnada) to the cultural center downtown, but would beautify this area of our city and become a valued destination. Who wouldn’t want to escape the noise and hectic car traffic to peaceably wander along a well-lit, cobbled path through trees and fountains and frequent quaint shops and outdoor restaurants?

We should turn the New Seasons “pop” into a cultural, economic “boom!” Let’s not waste this opportunity. Contact the Uptown Village Association, your representatives and your neighborhood associations. Let the businesses on Main Street know how exciting this would be.

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