Friday, January 28, 2022
Jan. 28, 2022

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Clark County virus data shows who is getting sick

Public Health releases latest COVID-19 metrics

By , Columbian Editor

Who’s seriously ill with COVID-19 in Clark County?

Not people who have been vaccinated, at least not in general. In an update last week, Clark County Public Health reported only 587 breakthrough cases, where people who reported they were vaccinated were later diagnosed with the virus. That’s among almost 26,000 local cases reported to date.

That means breakthrough cases have occurred in only about 0.24 percent of fully vaccinated residents, or 24 cases per 10,000 people, in Clark County, according to a Facebook post from public health officials. Most of those patients reported no symptoms or mild symptoms.

Among those 587 breakthrough cases, 359 people reported COVID-19 symptoms, 39 people were hospitalized, and five people died.

About 56 percent of eligible county residents (12 years and older) now fully vaccinated, which means at least two weeks have passed since they received the two-shot series of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. About 62 percent of eligible residents have received one dose of vaccine, and the numbers are slowly increasing.

Statewide hospitalizations

COVID-19 vaccines prevent hospitalizations and lower your risk of dying from COVID-19. That’s true across age groups, state health officials say.

Here’s who is being hospitalized with serious COVID-19 illness in our state:

  • 75 children ages 12-17 were hospitalized for COVID-19 (February-June); none of them were fully vaccinated.
  • 887 adults 18-34 years old were hospitalized; 99.5 percent were not fully vaccinated.
  • 1,535 adults 35-49 years old were hospitalized; 98.5 percent were not fully vaccinated.
  • 2,212 adults 50-64 years old were hospitalized; 97.9 percent were not fully vaccinated.
  • 2,560 adults 65 and older were hospitalized; 91.2 percent were not fully vaccinated.

If you’re not yet vaccinated, check with your health care provider or a nearby pharmacy. Most are offering COVID-19 vaccines.